Hike Iao Valley – Maui, Hawaii

Iao valley is a must see if visiting Maui, Hawaii.  The last couple of times I have come to Maui I have arrived at gates opening at 7:00 A.M.  We bring my friends 2 dogs, some tea, towels and hike up around 20 minutes.  There is a fresh water stream that runs through the valley.  After the rains it can become difficult to cross.  But if there is no rain you can cross and swim in the many pools created by the rocks.  The water is really cold so be prepared.

This place has an amazing history.   In 1790 the Battle of Kepaniwai took place here, in which Kamehameha the Great defeated Kalanikūpule and the Maui army during his campaign to unify the islands. The battle was said to be so bloody that dead bodies blocked ʻĪao Stream, and blood ran throught the river and the battle site was named Kepaniwai (“the damming of the waters”).

When visiting Maui this place is a must. You can spend hours looking around and visiting the many gardens and trails that surround this the valley.  At the bottom there is a little lunch place that makes a great turkey sandwich.  Make sure to stop by and go for a hike if you are in the area.