Jason Siadak

Portrait Of Jason Siadek

Jason Siadek is a renaissance man doing design, creation, film, producer and made the Sensatron for Burning Man. Married to clothes designer Julianne Siadek. They both reside in Venice Ca. He is a huge fan of Star Wars hence the Death Star shirt he is wearing in the photo.

Portrait of Valentina Huseman Marquez

Valentina Huseman Marquez is the daughter to one of my oldest friends. She lives in Campo Cortez  which is located at K-38 just south of Rosarito Beach in northern Baja California. She is only 2 years old but already curious and smart as can be. She frequents Tachos Tacos which is at the front of the camp and […]

Wim Hof Method

Change your life: The Wim Hof Method

Saw a video on Instagram of Kelly Slater collapses on his face with the caption “Kelly collapses from Yoga” or something like that. After a little further research I found out is was a breathing course by Wim “the icemane” Hof. Wim devised a method of breathing many years ago and has perfected it. At […]

Diosa Left in Background

Surfing San Jose Del Cabo BCS, Mexico

A lot of waves around San Jose Del Cabo. People are starting to come from as far as Australia. There are waves right in town and all the way up the Eastcape. We have beach breaks but mostly righ hand points with rock bottom. After a surf there are several places to get yourself some […]