Surfing San Miguel Baja Mexico

Surfing San Miguel – Baja Mexico

TacosElSauzalAround 10 A.M after looking at Baja Malibu, I decide to head south to San Miguel, about 10 minutes north of Ensenada, Mexcio.  After paying my 30 peso toll, I hang right and pull into the parking lot of San Miguel, park at my friends house, climb to the roof, take a look and see that there is only 2 people in the line up.

I quickly put my wetsuit on as I know that soon more people will come. I run down through the parking lot, walk up the point and  jump of the rocks and paddle to the peak. There is only 2 others out.  I turn right around and take off on a 6ft wave, pump several times, come off the bottom and then off the top. A couple more pumps then the wave wraps around.  This continues for maybe another 20 minutes then more people start to paddle out.

Even though it is pretty uncrowded, the waves are coming at a slow pace. So every 10 or so minutes I catch more waves. Then before you know it the place is a little more crowded. I sit on the inside and catch a few more. Then I decide to get out. I make my way towards the rocky shore and get to where the waves are crashing into the rocks. I get my footing and then “oh shit” I fall really hard on the slippery rocks. Now it is semi panic mode and finally I make it to safety.

I head to the car to change out of my wetsuit. I grab my camera as my friend is still surfing and would like to get some video. Grabbed a couple shots of him ripping the wave. Then he gets out. Only one more friend in the water.

After waiting for a while me and my friend decide to go south to grab some tacos while my other friend lags. We go to Tacos el Sauzal, which is on the outskirts of Ensenada. You always know a good taco shop as there are several locals waiting to order. We order the Ceviche and 1 taco de camaron (shrimp).  This place is exceptional. One of the best. After we eat we pay our 37 pesos (a little over $3US) what a deal. Stomache full, tired and ready to head north back to my house.