Surfing and travel in El Salvador

Dornan-shacked-el-salvador-VacaEl Salvador is a must for any surfer around the world. Perfect right hand points line the coast from top to bottom. To the north from La Libertad to the Guatamalen border are several waves to choose from. Down in the south or most places call the Far east are quite a few breaks as well.

Flying into San Salvador airport in the northern coast of the country. In 20 minutes you can be surfing La Roca or La Libertad. Just north you have Conchalio, Cocal, Bocana, Sunzal, Palmarcito, El Zonte, KM 59, and KM61. Most of these are right hand points with only a couple of them being lefts.

surfing el salvador hotel mira flores
To the South or the Far East who have an area with 2 prominent waves. One being Mira Flores, which is a long right hand point and super fun on any swell. But when the swell direction is just right you catch the wave outside the point past the rock, when it hits the rock it barrels. If not at chest high you can really fun waves. The next spot is 25 minutes north by boat and one the the premiere spots in all Central America, Punta Mango. I have surfed this place from 15ft to 2ft. The perfect size is around 8ft and you will get some of the best waves of your life.

surfing punta mango el salvadorThis was just a little break down of surfing in El Salvador. There are several good camps to visit. My personal favorites is staying at El Zonte to the north at a place called Esencia Nativa, Ask for Alex, he is the man. Down south or east I stay at Hotel Mira Flores. The rooms are clean and the food is good. There is another place a little closer to the point but way to expensive.