Sashimi Plate- Station Sushi Solana Beach

Station Sushi – Solana Beach

In the greater San Diego area including the North County several good sushi places exist. In an earlier blog when I spoke of one of my all time favorites Zenbu Sushi i was speaking of the overall more modern Sushi experience. On the other side of the coin is Station Sushi in Solana Beach.

station sushi kevinStation Sushi is one of those fan favorites. It is on the less expensive side thus creating a more fun and relaxed environment like you first sushi experience where you thought it was all about sake and beer. But don’t kid yourself, the quality of fish at Station Sushi in Solana Beach is great. Service is rather hit or miss, but who really cares as long as you have some sake and beer to keep you occupied until the food comes to the table.

Station Sushi in Solana Beach is one of those places where you can spend around $20.00 and get a decent amount of Sushi and split a beer and sake. That is pretty good if you are on a budget or a college kid.

One of the favorites at Station Sushi in Solana Beach is the protein roll (no-rice, Crab, spicy Tuna + Tuna, Yellow tail, Salmon) priced at $15.50 and more than enough to split with one other person. A personal all time favorite is the Salmon Skin hand roll priced at $7.50 and always done the way I like it, crispy.

If you are in the Solana Beach area or live in the vicinity Station Sushi is a must. Be prepared to wait a bit but you wont’ be disappointed once you sit down.