Not just Surfing but ripping Scorpion Bay on Hand Shaped Surfboards

If you have ever been to Scorpion Bay in Baja California Mexico you for sure have seen Mateo ripping with his girlfriend Brittany at the points. Brittany shapes the board and Matteo does the art but they both completely ripped the hell out of the points down in Scorpion Bay. I’m pretty sure they both come from the Malibu Beach area and moved down to Scorpion Bay a long time ago to get away from the crowds only to find that there are crowds at Scorpion Bay as well.

If you ever surf Scorpion Bay  in Baja Mexico you cannot miss these two as they just run laps back and forth around in circles over and over again completely putting on a show for anybody willing to watch. The show is not their intention but you cannot help but to watch because they both are so good at what they do on the water.