Daily Routine for Healthy Body and Mind

10 Ideas for a Daily Routine for Healthy Body and Mind

Looking for a daily routine for healthy body and mind?

You’ve come to the right place. Below­, we’ve provided 10 of the best daily routine ideas for a healthier life overall. Choose one (or several!) to try out in your own life and witness the amazing benefits a new daily routine can provide.

Choose a New Daily Routine for Healthy Body and Mind

1. Put your alarm clock across the room.

For some, just getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day. Help motivate yourself to get going in the morning by not putting your alarm clock next to your bed. Rather, put it across the room where you’ll have to get up and go to it to turn it off. Then, you’ll already be up and your day will have started!

2. Make your bed.

Making your bed first thing in the morning does two things. First, it tells yourself that you won’t be getting back into it. The pull will no longer be there.

Next, it creates a nice, comfortable bedroom space for you to come home to at the end of the day. This can make your bedtime routine easier and more pleasurable. It can even improve your sleep, and you’ll like that your bedroom looks neater throughout the day as well.

3. Have a morning checklist.

Create a list of things that you would like to get done in the morning. For most people, this would include things like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, doing your hair, ironing your clothes, and getting dressed. It might include other things like packing your lunch, meditating for five minutes, taking your dog for a short walk, or checking the news.

Whatever it is that you would like to do every single morning, make sure you have a checklist ready, and then tick off each thing as it gets done every morning.

4. Eat a nutritious breakfast.

You’ve heard it one million times before, and here it is for the million and first time: Eat a nutritious breakfast every day.

This is your first meal of the day, so make it count. Be sure to include protein as well because protein-rich breakfasts have been known to help boost your mental acuity and energy throughout the day.

5. Integrate movement into another part of your routine.

If you tend to have trouble getting exercise into your daily routine, here’s a tip for you: Try adding some movement into a part of your day that you always do anyway.

For example, would you ever go to bed at night without brushing your teeth? Probably not. Most people — even when they are extremely tired — will not go to sleep without brushing their teeth. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to match up one habit that you’d like to start doing with another habit that you already do.

For example, while brushing your teeth tonight, try doing five or 10 squats or some yoga with blocks. Or, start walking around your house while you are brushing. Even a few hundred extra steps can go a long way.

6. Set aside a specific time for correspondence.

Most people are constantly distracted during the day. Generally speaking, distractions come from notifications via smartphones, emails, and social media. All of these notifications are okay in and of themselves, but you should set aside a time for them.

For example, right after you get to your desk, you may decide to set aside 20 minutes to a half an hour to respond to emails, text messages, and other notifications. Then, turn off all of your notifications and just focus on your work. You can do this once or twice a day, depending on your preferences.

7. Create set break times.

Some may make the mistake of packing their day with things they don’t particularly like doing. They want to have a good daily routine, so they list out all of the things they’d like to get done and don’t give themselves any time for breaks.

Naturally, this is a good way to burn out fast. Instead, make sure you integrate break times into your daily routine, no matter what.

8. Work during your most productive time.

When you do have to work throughout the day, make sure you are working whenever you are most productive. This may take some trial and error. Not everyone naturally knows when they are able to do the best work.

For some, it might be in the morning, and for others it might be right after work when they have a lot of energy from lunch. Find what works best for you, and try to do your hardest tasks at these times.

9. Spend some time reviewing your day.

Take a moment at the end of each day to go over what went right, what went wrong, and what you’d like to improve upon.

10. Turn screens off at least one hour before bed.

Screens have a blue light that tells your mind that it is still daytime. If you are looking at screens right up until bedtime, you’ll have a harder time getting to sleep and staying asleep. Turn off your screens at least one hour before bed every night for a better night’s sleep.

Cultivating a New Daily Routine for Healthy Body and Mind

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You’ll find that many of the happiest and most successful men and women focus on a daily routine for healthy body and mind. Instead of just trying to fit in worthwhile activities wherever they can, they develop a supportive daily routine and habits that will maintain their healthy lifestyle.

If you are new to habit and routine formation, here are some pointers.

First, don’t forget to give yourself some grace from the very start. You won’t be perfect in implementing your new daily routine. Don’t expect to be, especially when you’re just getting started. At the same time, don’t let any setbacks stop you from continuing to improve and strive.

Next, make sure you only focus on one habit or routine at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to change your entire lifestyle. Making one small change can create a huge difference in your life.

Select a Daily Routine for Healthy Body and Mind That Suits your Lifestyle

Finally, make sure you select a daily routine for healthy body and mind that suits your lifestyle. Don’t try to be like anyone else or copy their habits. Only you know what’s best for you. Listen to your inner voice and seek a daily routine for healthy body and mind that’s both beneficial and sustainable.