Wim Hof Method

Change your life: The Wim Hof Method

Saw a video on Instagram of Kelly Slater collapses on his face with the caption “Kelly collapses from Yoga” or something like that. After a little further research I found out is was a breathing course by Wim “the icemane” Hof. Wim devised a method of breathing many years ago and has perfected it. At first people thought he was a freak and only he could do it. Well he has taught numerous amounts of people his technique over the years. From surfers to your everyday Joe.

Wim Hof Technique

Sit down comfortably in a peaceful environment(bedroom, living room, back yard etc) Then relax, consciously, and begin to breathe from the abdominal region, not too shallow, not too deep. Think of blowing up a balloon. Do this thirty times. Saturate the muscles and organs with extra oxygen.

The goals is to let the oxygen saturate not only the lungs, but also all the internal organs. It may feel like you are hyperventilation, but just remember that you have control. Once you feel saturation in your body after 30-40 breathes, exhale completely (easy), then inhale until you can’t take any more breathe, then exhale completely and hold your breath. When the feeling telling you to breathe comes, inhale fully and hold it for ten seconds with your lungs full of air. When you complete that , you have completed the first cycle. Do 3 cycles.

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