Leucadia-Encinitas Farmers’ Market and Art Fair

Every Sunday from 10am to 2pm the Leucadia-Encinitas Farmers’ Market and Art Fair is happening at Paul Ecke Elementary-185 Union St (cross street Vulcan) Encinitas, California 92024.  There are over 50 vendors selling everything from organic clothing, solar power, organic vegetables and local organic cuisine.  Bring your recyclable bags and cruise around and shop for local […]

Reggae Music- LAST.FM

As of lately I have been using LAST.FM to get all my new music.  Their extensive library covers everything. Primarily I have been listening to Reggae Music.  Compared to all other online free music services I have found this to be the best. First you have to set up an account.  Then you can pick […]

Zenbu Sushi- Cardiff-by-the-sea

Wednesday night at Zenbu Sushi in Cardiff-by-the sea has been the place to be since they started Wet Wednesdays.  Believe it or not there is a line out the door in Cardiff, who would of thought.  If you like girls then you will like Wednesday nights at Zenbu.  If you like good sushi, then you […]