Tijuana Restaurants – Los Arcos

Located in the high end restaurant district of Tijuana, Los Arcos is a great seafood and traditional mexican restaurant.  When you walk in the decor is simple, their focus is the food. From the opening of the door you are greeted by very beautiful friendly host.  They offer personal purse hangers for the ladies.  Already […]

Surfing San Miguel Baja Mexico

Surfing San Miguel – Baja Mexico

Around 10 A.M after looking at Baja Malibu, I decide to head south to San Miguel, about 10 minutes north of Ensenada, Mexcio.  After paying my 30 peso toll, I hang right and pull into the parking lot of San Miguel, park at my friends house, climb to the roof, take a look and see […]

Drive Thru Morning Coffee

While most people are still sleeping my morning consist of driving down the street to get my morning coffee.  Pull up to a little local spot with a nice blue roof. Always greeted by very enthusiastic young lady. “Medium coffe with this much milk” I hold my fingers about and inch apart. The first sip […]